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Medicare Advantage Plans

Automatically enrolled when you turn 65 and receive your Medicare card. No premium.

You must sign up for Part B in order to receive the Part B benefits. In 2024 the premium for Part B is $174 and is taken out of your monthly Social Security check. If you are not yet taking your Social Security, you will be billed quarterly.

Part C is a Medicare Advantage Plan. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you enroll as an individual through an Insurance Carrier. Part C covers all the benefits that Part A and Part B cover. Most Part C plans do not have an additional premium while you continue to pay the initial $174.70 for Part B. Part D (prescription drugs) is included in many Part C plans. There may be low co-pays for additional coverage that Part C provides. It also covers many benefits not included with Part B, such as free gym membership, over-the counter drugs, vitamins, chiropractic and more.

Prescription Drug Coverage. If you enroll in Parts A and B only, Part D will have a separate premium.

Medicare Advantage chart showing what is included in Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D
  • Part A
    • Inpatient Hospital Care
    • Skilled Nursing Services
    • Hospice Care
  • Part B
    • Doctor's Visits
    • Outpatient Hospital Services
    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Physician-Administered Drugs
  • Part C
    • Medicare Advantage Plans, which combine parts A and B
    • May cover vision, dental, and hearing
  • Part D
    • Prescription Drug Coverage

Part A and Part B are considered Basic Medicare
Part D is in included in many Part C plans.

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