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What services does EverWell Insurance Agency provide?

EverWell Insurance Agency is a licensed health insurance agency based in Vero Beach, Florida, with licensed agents in New York, Connecticut and Minnesota. EverWell specializes in providing Medicare health insurance solutions with Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans, along with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare.

EverWell also works with clients who receive both Medicaid and Medicare for people with special needs or chronic illnesses. These are called Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP) and Chronic Special Needs Plans (CSNP).

EverWell Insurance Agency offers individual dental and vision coverage. We also have Life Insurance plans available.

How can I contact EverWell Insurance Agency?

You can reach EverWell Insurance Agency by phone at 772.290.1060 or by email at or Our office is located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Are there any fees for using EverWell Insurance Agency's services?

EverWell Insurance Agency does not charge fees for our services. Insurance carriers compensate our agents for each enrollment so that we can focus on helping you make the right health insurance decisions for your specific needs.

What makes EverWell Insurance Agency different from other insurance brokers?

EverWell Insurance Agency has been in business over 10 years operating in Florida, New York,Connecticut, and Minnesota. Along with experience, our team is focused on educating you and ready to answer your questions. We will be available when YOU need us.

How can I get a quote for health insurance?

For a health insurance quote, you can contact EverWell Insurance Agency through our website, or call and text our team at 772-290-1060. We will guide you through the process and provide a personalized quote based on your needs.

Can I make changes to my health insurance policy through EverWell Insurance Agency?

Yes, you can change your health insurance policy through EverWell Insurance Agency. There are enrollment periods when you can sign up or change insurances. The primary enrollment periods are listed below For further information on other enrollment periods, please contact us: or 772-290-1060

October 15 – December 7
Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)
Clients can choose a new Medicare Advantage plan or switch back to Original Medicare for the upcoming plan year. They can also choose or switch prescription coverage at this time. Coverage will begin January 1.

January 1 – March 31
Open Enrollment Period (OEP)
Also called “General Enrollment Period”
Clients have a one-time opportunity to change their Medicare Advantage plan or go back to Original Medicare during this period.

Special Enrollment Period (SEP)
Clients in certain situations, like those who have just retired, are aging into Medicare, or are moving out of their plan’s service area, can sign up for Medicare or switch plans.

There are also special enrollment periods for people who are going through exceptional circumstances outlined by Medicare such as natural disasters, ie: In Florida it might be after a hurricane disaster.

Who is NOT eligible for Medicare?

Someone who did not work in employment covered by social security/Medicare. Do not have 40 quarters (10 years) in social security/Medicare-covered employee.

Do not qualify for the work history of a current, former or deceased spouse.